playground safety surfacing

Child’s Play: Ensuring Safety With the Right Playground Surfacing

Children at play are full of energy, curiosity and an insatiable desire for fun. However, this playful enthusiasm can sometimes lead to unintended accidents, with trips, falls and tumbles being common on playgrounds.  Ensuring the safety of young adventurers using...
Group of fit people doing push ups on a rubber flooring gym floor

The Ultimate Home Gym: Choosing the Right Rubber Flooring

Building a home gym is a great way to prioritize your health and achieve your fitness goals without leaving the comfort of your home. However, it does require a significant investment to create the perfect space for an effective workout....
rubber mulch held in hands

Pros and Cons: A Comprehensive Look at Rubber Mulch Safety

Organic mulch made from wood chips and shredded leaves has always been the go-to choice for playground surfacing and landscaping. However, rubber mulch has become an increasingly popular alternative for such projects over the past few years.  Rubber mulch initially...
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Safety First: Why Rubber Flooring Is a Game-Changer for Play Areas

Spending time at playgrounds is an essential part of childhood. It offers children the opportunity to not only have fun but also enhance their motor skills, critical thinking, collaboration and self-esteem. Whether you're a parent or a play area manager,...

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