Commercial Walking Trails

The Cherry on Top of a Great Outdoor Experience

A relaxing stroll or invigorating jog on winding trails that snake along beneath the cover of green trees is a wonderful way to enjoy the warmer season. Now picture this jog on a recycled rubber walkway that absorbs every footfall into its seamless, crack-free surface.

Beautiful trails are easily created with Softroc®’s non-slip, heat-resistant rubber pathways, designed for safety like no other outdoor surfacing.

In addition to being slip-resistant wet conditions, the seamless finish on Softroc’s rubber trail eliminates most potential obstacles and tripping hazards. This also means there’s very little maintenance needed.

Take a step towards creating a safer outdoor community. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.

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Softroc’®s rubber walking trails are UV-stable. Our products won’t deteriorate even under intense sunlight, making this no-fade, long-lasting surfacing a worthwhile investment.

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Softroc® Commercial Walking Trail Key Features

A Low-Maintenance Solution for Every Season

Softroc® is slip-resistant even when wet. The porous rubber trail prevents standing water from building up, which also prevents ice deposits from forming.

Looking to Further Beautify Your Outdoor Space?

The Best Surface for Your Walking Trails

Creative and Functional

Take pride in having safe rubber surfacing along your community’s favorite walking and running trails. And relax knowing once you install these paths, you’ll have low upkeep or maintenance.

One more thing that makes Softroc® rubber trails stand out: the color is yours to choose. From a simple look to a combination of mixed colors and designs, you can lay out your rubber pathways however you like.

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Why Choose Softroc® Commercial Walking Trails

Give a Fresh New Look to Your Outdoor Space

Fast Installation

Depending on how extensive your walking trails are, our installation experts can lay your rubber pathways in as little as one day. Schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your estimate and project details.

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Warranties Offered

Talk to your local Softroc® team to learn about warranties for your long-lasting, durable rubber walking trails!


Financing Available

Perhaps you’re feeling anxious as you picture your bank account after taking the plunge and getting rubber walking trails. We understand it’s a big investment, which is why we offer three affordable payment plans to ease the financial burden.

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