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Ensuring a clean, spotless floor in heavy traffic areas is not just a matter of pride but safety. Unfortunately, floor maintenance can also be time-consuming and costly.

Being part of a franchising brand allows us to scale quickly to any size job, large or small. It also allows us to have top-notch, consistent training among all of our franchise employees. We use only the best, safest products for all of our jobs. We arrive on time, provide a clear estimate and go over all phases of the job in detail. You can rely on our expertise for all your commercial projects.

Invest in Softroc® commercial rubber flooring and let us save you thousands of dollars on floor repairs. With our non-slip commercial surfacing, floor spots, scratches, cracks and peeling are all a thing of the past.

Softroc is an ultra-durable industrial rubber flooring available in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles. From standard and bright, vivid colors to custom combinations, Softroc color options are limitless. Unlike other flooring types, Softroc will stay in place forever and transform your high-traffic areas into stylish, maintenance-free zones.

Softroc® Commercial Applications

The Ultimate Heavy-Duty Flooring for a Variety of Uses

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Retail Floors

Looking to upscale your store? Concerned about safety and slippery floors? We install commercial rubber flooring for companies, large or small. In addition to providing a non-slip surface that is aesthetically pleasing and on-brand, Softroc® is also designed to withstand stress from constant foot traffic and the use of shopping carts, wheelchairs and strollers.

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Softroc® non slip flooring for playgrounds is all about fun and safety. We offer fully-customizable color and design options to create themed parks that look exactly as you want. Our poured-in-place rubber surfacing also boasts impact-absorbing properties with none of the hassle of replacing mulch or pebbles every year.

Nickel Pool

Public Pool Decks

Ramp up the wow factor of your old pool deck without tearing out the old concrete. Our non slip flooring can be used as a concrete overlay to give public pool decks an expensive look for a fraction of the cost. Softroc® is heat-resistant and UV stable, so it’s perfect for use in barefoot areas.

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Walking Trails

Add utility and enjoyment to your walking trails with Softroc® rubber surfacing. Our product offers pedestrians and joggers a firm and low-impact walkway with good traction. Its comfortable surface is easier on knees and legs and remains durable under extreme conditions.

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Splash Pads

Make playdates at your water park a safe and fun experience for everyone. Softroc® non slip flooring is shock-absorbent, chlorine-resistant and can withstand UV degradation. It can also be customized to your specific color, pattern and design requirements to increase play value and interest.

gym weights

Public Gyms

Searching for gym flooring that’s easy on your feet, requires no maintenance and is easy to disinfect? Softroc® rubber gym flooring covers all the bases! Our non slip flooring comes in various colors and thickness options, suitable for rigorous workouts and heavy weights. We can also add logos or mascots to your gym floor to boost your branding.


Best-Valued Commercial Rubber Flooring

No job is too big for our experienced team. Being part of a national franchise allows us to scale quickly to any size job.

We know how busy you are running your business. Let us meet with you, show you our clear service process and give you peace of mind that we will address your concerns in a timely, professional manner.

Softroc®’s durability and safety features are unmatched by any other surfacing offered in today’s market. Our poured-in-place rubber surfacing provides the perfect, long-lasting surface for restaurants, community areas, gyms, children’s outdoor play areas and more.

Get amazing results with Softroc industrial rubber flooring!

What Makes Softroc® Stand Out

Safety and Comfort Combined in an Anti-Fatigue Rubber Surfacing

Color Options

Softroc® industrial rubber flooring is available in an array of striking colors and patterns to add interest and fun to your commercial spaces. Let your imagination go wild! Our Softroc team will ensure you get the vibrant surfacing appearance you expect.


Unrivaled Safety

Commercial rubber flooring is slip-resistant, making it a great choice for areas with high foot traffic or where frequent slips or falls occur. Safety, style and comfort – Softroc® non slip flooring offers all three and more!


Low Maintenance

Cleaning the scuffs, scratches and stains left by people walking in and out of your establishment can be quite a task. Thankfully, Softroc® is heat-resistant and doesn’t easily get damaged – requiring minimal maintenance.

Warranty and Financing Offered

Need financing? We offer flexible financing options with monthly payment terms, so you don’t have to worry about paying for your installation in full all at once. We also provide product protection warranties, which vary depending on your location.

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