Softroc® Garage Floors

Hassle-Free Installation and Maintenance

You may think replacing your cracked and stained garage floor is more trouble than it’s worth. And if you were going to remove it and lay another concrete floor, you’d be right. But with Softroc®’s garage floor overlay, the process is easy and worth every cent.

Softroc® rubber granules are mixed with resin and laid overtop of your existing garage floor for a smooth, resilient surface. The installation takes as little as one day and stays in top condition for years. Your new garage floor surface won’t crack, and if it does need repairs, they are simple to complete.

Softroc® garage floor surface is also flexible and slip-resistant, making it perfect for those long overdue projects that have been waiting for you to motivate yourself.

You won’t regret your garage floor overlay. Get started with a free consultation with our local Softroc team.


Softroc® rubber garage flooring installation is easy. We’ll discuss your estimate and payment plans, you get to choose your colors and design, and then we’ll pick a date. All we need is a day to transform the look and feel of your whole garage.


Softroc® Garage Flooring Key Features

A Durable Surface You Can Put to the Test

Softroc®’s garage floor overlay goes easy on you. Our garage floor surface offers comfort and safety while keeping functionality in mind.

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The Best Surface for Your Garage Floor

Comfort, Design and Function

Your garage floor doesn’t have to look old, even if it is, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Softroc® offers a variety of colors to achieve your unique floor design that won’t fade over time.

Softroc® garage flooring is functional too. Our anti-fatigue garage floor surface adds valuable cushioning to unforgiving floors. It provides a high level of comfort and support you won't find in concrete and other traditional garage floor surfacing!


Why Choose Softroc® Garage Flooring

Safety Surfacing That Won’t Disappoint

Fast Installation

Your garage won’t be out of commission for long. Our expert installation team can lay your garage floor overlay in as little as one day. After it’s laid, you only have to wait 5 days before it’s ready for all your equipment and cars to move in.

Warranty Ribbon

Warranties Offered

We understand that with all the tough work you’ll be doing on your new floor, damage may occur. Tears and stains are fast and easy to repair. Contact your local team to learn more about warranties we offer. 


Financing Available

We do what we can to make your rubber garage flooring affordable with three flexible payment plans. Our financing options make it possible for you to get a better floor sooner. Call one of our experts today for a free consultation.

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