Rubber Mulch

A Better Way to Landscape

Tired of your dull and boring outdoor space? Make the switch to rubber mulch and have the best-looking yard on the block, year after year!

Softroc® rubber mulch is the smart choice for a stay-in-place solution under residential playscapes and other ground cover applications. It remains vibrant all year long and is more durable and cost-effective than stone, wood mulch and other landscape ground cover materials.

Our top-of-the-line product is perfect for gardens, flowerbeds, trees and other landscaping features. Softroc is also used as a playground rubber mulch to provide kids with a safe, cushioned surface.

Got a big yard? We can install rubber mulch for large-scale projects. Book a free consultation today, and let us create the custom project of your dreams.


There’s nothing quite like sustainable rubber mulching to enhance your outdoor space's safety and aesthetic appeal. Schedule your installation, and we’ll discuss your long-lasting mulching solutions today!


Softroc® Rubber Mulch Key Features

Save Time and Money While Creating a High-End Look

Softroc® mulching is exceptionally long-lasting with vibrant color that lasts for years.

Looking for a Commercial Softroc® Solution?

The Best Surface for Your Outdoor Space

An Extremely Natural Looking Ground Cover

Softroc® rubber mulch comes in three different colors to match your outdoor aesthetics. Choose from brown, black or red rubber mulch.

Brown and red rubber mulch provides a stark contrast to plants and infuses the landscape with rich natural tones that complement the look of your garden. Meanwhile, the no-nonsense tone of black rubber mulch provides excellent insulation and keeps your landscaping neat.

Take your pick of colors, and let our local Softroc® professionals turn your outdoor space into a prettier, more protected space.


Why Choose Softroc® Rubber Mulch

A Cost-Effective Long-Term Solution

Fast Installation

Rubber mulching doesn’t require a hard substrate like concrete, so it’s easier to install. You can expect your new fiery red or black rubber mulch in as little as one day.


Superior Durability

We take great pride in the quality of our products and services. Our expert installers boast years of experience transforming dull landscapes into residential paradise.


Financing Available

Achieve your vibrant red rubber mulch at the best possible price. Visit your local Softroc® team's page to learn more about financing your rubber mulch project.

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