Softroc® Boats and Docks

Reawaken Your Love of Summer

Where there’s a boat deck or boat dock, you can expect plenty of slipping hazards–unless you have Softroc® rubber safety surfacing.

Softroc® rubber overlay is made for safety with a non-slip surface that’s easy on the feet. It’s durable enough to last through summers and winters without becoming cracked or weather-worn.

Our heat-resistant dock decking material stays cooler in the summer, making it a comfortable surface for your and your children’s bare feet. It will also ensure you don’t get injured from splinters or stubbing your toe if you’re not careful.

Upgrade your summer with Softroc rubber surfacing. Softroc is fun to look at and feels amazing to walk on.


Say yes to a safer summer this year! Softroc®’s rubber decking is a friend to over-excited children, pets and adults alike. It’s a non-slip surface that’s perfect for active families, and it won’t lose its finish as the years go by.


Key Features of Softroc® Boats and Docks

The Latest in Summer Safety Solutions

Softroc®’s seamless, anti-slip dock decking material offers excellent traction even when wet. Its flexibility prevents splitting, cracking and tripping hazards.

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Safe and Durable Flooring

A beautiful outdoor area is the cherry on top of a perfect summer. Take your dock to the next level with a new Softroc® overlay that is both functional and attractive.

With Softroc rubber safety surfacing, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or expensive cleaning. Our resin-coated rubber granules are UV-resistant for color that lasts for years. Softroc’s seamless surfacing will serve you well for many summers to come!


Why Choose Softroc® Boats and Docks

Upgrade Your Outside Recreational Space

Fast Installation

Our skilled team of installation experts can lay your boat and boat dock overlay in as little as one day! Your outdoor area won’t be out of commission for long as you invest in safer, more attractive flooring.

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Warranties Offered

Contact your local Softroc® to learn more about our warranties for your new, low-maintenance outdoor marine floors.


Financing Available

Softroc® rubber flooring will save you time and money in the future, but making the initial investment can be a tough decision. We make it easier with three affordable payment plans so you have the freedom to improve your summer activity areas.

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