Safety First: Why Rubber Flooring Is a Game-Changer for Play Areas

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Spending time at playgrounds is an essential part of childhood. It offers children the opportunity to not only have fun but also enhance their motor skills, critical thinking, collaboration and self-esteem.

Whether you’re a parent or a play area manager, you naturally want to provide these little ones with an exciting and enjoyable yet safe experience using your playpark. Rubber floor for playground areas is an excellent solution to this need.

Unsafe flooring increases the risk of accidents that can cause bruises and even severe injuries and fractures in kids. However, with the right rubber flooring solution, you can achieve a non-slip, shock-absorbent, safe and visually enticing surface.

Safety Concerns in Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

While play areas and facilities allow children to play and socialize with other kids, they come with safety risks that can turn a supposedly fun game upside down.

Tripping hazards and unsafe surfaces are a leading cause of injuries in both indoor and outdoor play areas. Flooring is one crucial element worth examining closely, as uneven, slippery surfaces and the lack of shock absorption can make severe injuries from falls more likely.

6 Reasons Rubber Flooring for Playgrounds Makes Sense

With these safety concerns in mind, here are six of the many reasons why investing in rubber flooring solutions makes sense.

1. It Prevents Serious Injuries From Slips and Falls

It’s common for children to jump and run around when at play. However, when playing an intense sports match or a friendly hopscotch game, the slightest misstep or mistake in their landing can lead to severe injuries, like sprains and fractures.

Unlike other surfacing solutions, rubber flooring is anti-slip and shock-absorbent. It provides the extra friction needed to minimize the chances of slipping accidents. If children do slip or fall while running or jumping from an elevated surface, the rubber surface’s shock absorption properties can provide cushioning while landing, reducing the impact.

Some rubber surfacing products like Softroc® also create soft, porous surfaces that can keep spills or rainwater from collecting into puddles of water. This keeps children safe while they play, even in wet conditions.

2. It Can Be Used in Various Settings

Rubber is remarkably versatile as a surfacing solution. It can be tailored to suit public play parks, home gym flooring, commercial outdoor playground areas and sports courts, among many others.

Rubber flooring products can also be personalized to achieve specific textures. This flexibility makes it a convenient choice for indoor and outdoor play areas that must meet particular functionality requirements.

3. It’s Aesthetically Appealing

With the right product and installation team, you can breathe new life into your residential or commercial play area. High-quality rubber flooring can create smooth, seamless surfaces. And the best part? It comes in various vibrant colors and custom blends to suit your preferences. These hues can be mixed and matched to create personalized patterns or designs.

Investing in rubber floors for play or sports areas gives you the freedom to play with color combinations and patterns and create a fun, inviting area.

4. It’s Easy To Clean

Play areas regularly experience high foot traffic, abuse and exposure to natural elements. The good news is that, even with these factors, keeping your rubber safety surfacing clean is easy.

Rubber surfacing is easy to clean and resistant to stains. It also does not harbor mold and bacteria nor attract insects. With this, routine maintenance generally includes sweeping and blowing off debris. Best of all, water and soap or a mild cleaning solution are all you need to keep it in pristine condition.

5. It’s Low Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, playpark surfaces regularly see high volumes of foot traffic and intensive activities. For outdoor play or sports facilities, extreme weather conditions are an additional factor to consider. These elements may speed up the deterioration of your facility’s floor material.

If you plan to invest in rubber flooring, you’ll be relieved to know that this surfacing solution can last quite a while with minimal maintenance. Meticulously engineered products like Softroc® offer superior durability and chemical resistance, allowing it to withstand overwhelming foot and wheelchair traffic for years.

Unlike conventional paving solutions like concrete and asphalt, rubber flooring also offers excellent heat resistance. With this high heat capacity, you can rest assured that your play park lasts a long time – and everyone using your facility stays safe and comfortable, even on sweltering days.

6. It’s Compliant With the ADA

As per the American Disabilities Act (ADA), all play areas must be accessible to children with varying abilities. This means your facility must have an accessible path:

Leading to the edge of the play area
From the play area to the play equipment

If you need help improving the accessibility of your facility, it’s a good idea to consider a rubber surfacing installation. Rubber flooring for playgrounds promotes easier movement of mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers. But more importantly, it solves any practical problems of accessibility you may have as it can be effortlessly applied to any existing surface to create a seamless finish.

Step Up Your Game With Highly Personalized Rubber Surfacing

Ensuring your children’s safety should not come at the expense of their playtime. While there may be safety concerns in indoor and outdoor play areas, having a non-slip, seamless and shock-absorbent surface can make all the difference in reducing the risks of serious injuries.

With that said, the benefits of rubber floors for play and sports facilities do not end there. Rubber surfacing is remarkably easy to clean, low-maintenance and versatile, allowing property owners to achieve their desired look for their play area without compromising durability and maintenance.

Whether you’re considering rubber surfacing for your kids’ play area, sports court or commercial playpark, Softroc® has all the boxes checked. It is made with the highest-grade materials, mixed on-site and poured in place to ensure your new surface is even, stable and non-slip, just the way it should be.

If you’re ready to make your playground more exciting and enjoyable, contact us today to schedule your free consultation. The Softroc® installation team will gladly discuss your needs and customize your rubber surfacing to help you create your dream space.

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